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Day 0, Nov 29 (4–6 pm)

Pitching is at the core of Slush — founders often only have a short time to attract the interest of investors. For inexperienced early-stage founders, this is particularly challenging we learned.

This is why we opened applications for 80 early-stage founders for a chance to warm up & practice “elevator pitching” to top VCs, while getting a head start to investor networking.

The best of it? We’re organizing this in actual elevators.

Together with KONE, Finland’s iconic elevator company, we arranged to lower the speed of the elevators in their HQ to take exactly 60 seconds from the lobby to top floor — time to practice your pitch.

Reached the top floor and the investor still doesn’t understand what your startup actually does? Just go up and down again. Practice makes perfect.

Coffee and snacks will be served in the lobby for networking throughout the event.

Supported by KONE

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