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Our insider guide for investors


Buying tickets (Sold out)

Slush Investor Passes are SOLD OUT! 

We hate to tell you this, but unfortunately all Slush tickets are sold out at this time of the year and we are unable to offer you one at this point.

Collecting your Slush Pass

To get to Slush, you need to change your ticket to badge + wristband combo. You can do so at a pre-badge claim point (see points and opening times below) or upon your arrival to Messukeskus during the event days, we have badge claims at both, the southern and the northern entrances.

Please note that the Day 0 events require having the badge with you to access them and these events won’t have a badge claim at the entrance.

Assigning tickets

If you buy tickets for your colleagues, you can assign them through the Slush Platform. Assigning the tickets is highly important and should be done before Oct 18 because of the following reasons:

You won’t be able to access the Matchmaking tool without an assigned ticket or a company account. The Matchmaking tool is essential for sending and receiving meeting requests.

Additionally, your colleagues will miss out on important information specifically targeted at our ticket holders.

Visa invitation letter

Slush can help with visa applications by providing a visa invitation letter. For this matter, contact [email protected]  Read more about Finland’s visa policies on the website of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland.

Please include the following in case you need the invitation letter in this exact format:

Name; Date of Birth; Passport Number; Passport Issue Date; Passport Expiry Date; Passport Issue Place; Nationality; Home Address.



Media Bank for announcements during Slush

Media Bank is a source bank for journalists, gathering all announcements happening during Slush week so none are lost in the Slush noise. It is located inside the Slush platform, and you can submit your news under Media Materials in your company profile, or by clicking here.

Once you upload your announcement, nobody except journalists can see the news, preserving confidentiality.

We recommend that you submit the announcements in well advance of the event.

Slush App

The Slush app will be back better than ever! The app will function as your general companion through Slush.

The following features will be available on the app this year:

Book meetings with our Matchmaking Tool: Scroll through the attendee list, book meetings, and chat with all the people relevant to you. This tool will enable 1000+ meetings in an hour and support you in making a true match in HEL.

Create your Agenda: Build your own schedule for the Slush Week. In one view you can browse your accepted meetings, stage talks you’re interested in, 300+ Side Events, and add to your agenda the ones you want to attend.

Navigate with our Event Map: Your chances of getting lost will lower drastically as you can locate everything on the event map. The app is also an easy way to check some crucial event info you might have forgotten along the way.

Guide to Helsinki

Wondering what to do outside of the event – We got you covered!

With our guide on where to enjoy local food, drink, and cozy accommodations across Helsinki, you can choose the best spots to raise a glass while enjoying traditional Finnish delicacies or international flavors.



What is Matchmaking Tool?

The Slush Matchmaking Tool gives you access to the most extensive, self-submitted dataset on early stage startups there is. This year, we’ve made it easier than ever for you to discover the best European startups to meet.

Investor Tool

Investor Tool presents matchmaking data in a table format. All relevant company information from pitch decks to financials is visible at glance.

Advanced filters – you can search, filter, and sort based on +30 data points.

Saved views – you can save different filter views to return to them later and share with others in your team.

Exporting data – export different lists and data on companies from the platform.

Improved meeting management system

It is easier than ever for you to handle your inbound requests and collaborate internally with your team. Here are the new features we’ve built.

New meeting management view that looks like an email inbox you’re used to.

Assign meeting requests – if a meeting request goes to the wrong person in your team, you can easily assign it to a different colleague.

Mass meeting management commands such as assign all and decline all – makes reaching inbox 0 that much easier!

Company notes are a new way for your team to coordinate your matchmaking efforts. You can leave a comment at any company’s profile that is visible to everyone in your own team.

If you get a meeting request and can’t take the meeting, please take the time to decline or assign the request. Otherwise meeting requests accumulate in people’s inboxes and create bottlenecks in matchmaking.

Guaranteed meeting table

By using the Matchmaking Tool to schedule your meeting in the Meeting Area, you are guaranteed a proper meeting table for the duration of your meeting.

Meeting Area is a seated area inside the Slush venue specifically reserved for taking meetings. For each meeting in the Meeting Area, there’s a table reserved for the duration of the meeting (25 minutes).

In addition to the Meeting Area, the tool has several different options that you can choose from.

1-on-1 Point is a spot inside the Slush Venue where you can easily find the person you are meeting with. The difference to Meeting Area is that there is no table reservation – it’s there to help you locate the person you are meeting with. Once you have found each other, the actual meeting can take place anywhere.

Choose yourself means you can send a meeting request without a specified location – book a time with someone and suggest a spot to meet at the Slush Venue yourself through the chat found in Matchmaking.

In addition, if you or the person you are meeting with is involved with a company that has a investor lounge or a booth, you can suggest the meeting there.

If you (and the person you’re looking to meet) are attending Investor Day, it will appear as a location in the tool. By scheduling the bulk of your investor meetings for Day 0 (Nov 29), you’ll have more time to meet startups during the two event days.



What are Side Events?

Originally a two-day event, Slush has now become an entire week of exhilarating programs around the Helsinki metropolitan area. In addition to the events organized by Slush, including our Official Slush Side Events, there is a wealth of industry and theme-specific gatherings around Helsinki all adding up to the Slush experience.

On day 0 Slush has organized a bunch of events exclusive for investor ticket holders. These include Investor Experience events as well as the legendary Investor Day.

Registering for the Side Events

Certain events necessitate various ticket types for registration, while some of the side events are accessible to all. You can find the Side Events from Slush Platform where you will find detailed information about event types and their respective requirements.

Once you meet the criteria, you can register for the event on Slush Platform.

Investor Day - Day 0 Highlight

From 1 pm-5 pm on Nov 29

Join fellow investors at Investor Day, an exclusive gathering to kick off your Slush days. Investor Day is focused on connecting investors with one another through peer-to-peer roundtables, venture-focused stage programs, and free-form networking.

Investor Day has reached maximum capacity and the registration has been closed. Sign up for the waitlist from below.

Investor Experiences - Before Investor Day

Exclusive for Investor Pass holders, Investor Experiences offer chances to relax or sweat it out before the main event. Experience events are a perfect chance for networking and experiencing Finland in the unique way.

All of the Investor experiences have reached their max capacities. You can sign-up for the wait lists from  here

Sauna and Ice Dipping – Allas Sea Pool 🧖

For everyone who loves to experience the authentic Finnish sauna and ice dipping experience.

Investor Padel – Billebeino Padel 🎾

For padel enthusiasts who like to challenge each other on the court and enjoy refreshing smoothies after the game.

Investor Yoga – Sagayoga 🧘

For those who want to recharge and get to the right state of mind before the hectic Slush journey.

Ateneum Tour 🖼

For investors who appreciate fine art in the form of color and light. Join us on a guided tour to explore the Legacy of impressionism.


How to get to the Slush 2023 venue?

The venue Messukeskus, Helsinki Expo, and Convention Center is located in Pasila, just a few kilometers from Helsinki city center. The address is Messuaukio 1, 00520 Helsinki.

Messukeskus is served by excellent transport connections in all directions: the easiest being one stop by train from Helsinki Central Railway Station. Trains A, P, R, E, I, U, and Y leaving from Helsinki Railway Station all stop at Pasila.

You’ll also be able to access the venue by tram 9.

Main event timetable

So you don’t freeze yourself off at the doors of Messukeskus way ahead of time, here’s the schedules of the main event days.

See stage agenda from here

Thursday Nov 30

  • 8 am – Doors open
  • 8 am – First Side Events at Siipi start
  • 10 am – Slush 2023 Opening Show
  • 6 pm – Main Event ends at Messukeskus
  • 8 pm – Last Side Events at Siipi end

Friday Dec 1

  • 8 am – Doors open
  • 8 am – First Side Events at Siipi start
  • 6 pm – Main Event ends
  • 6 pm – Slush Afterparty starts
  • 10 pm – Last Side Events at Siipi end
  • 2 am – Slush Afterparty ends

Legendary Slush Afterparty

Our legendary afterparty is taking place directly after the main event on December 1st. The party will be continuing into the wee hours of the following day, so we suggest you journey home on Saturday, Dec 2.

See website

The Slush venue will transform into a playground with many things to discover, in a true festival fashion. Here’s some highlights of what we’ve got lined up for you…so far:

💚 Finland’s Eurovision hero Käärijä performing on Founder Stage – It will be crazy. Do we need to say more?

🎛️ Dutch DJ/producers Brooks & Vluarr will team up for a special back-to-back set, closing Founder Stage with the most energetic EDM experience seen at Slush to date

🎤 Singa Karaoke Party is back bigger and better than ever – don’t miss out on this Slush Afterparty classic!

🧊 Loska Studio: Get your rave on and let yourself loose at this brand-new concept! Great music and great vibes are guaranteed all night long by some of the coolest and slushiest DJs from the local dance music scene.

🥂 Pop-up bars offering a variety of delicious beverages, from cocktails and mocktails to some certain uhm… grey-colored Finnish staples


Malminkatu 16
00100 Helsinki

General FAQ

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