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Slush is a not-for-profit building the world’s leading startup event and the largest gathering of VC — delivering actionable company-building advice and bringing together the who’s who in the ecosystem.




We believe it is those who have built iconic startups who provide the most valuable advice for founders. Every company is different, and there are no two paths to building an outstanding company that are the same.

That is why we call on a diverse group of founders, operators, and investors to share their hard-earned lessons. Every year, we go above and beyond to find the most relevant people to talk about the nuts and bolts of company building and what’s unfolding in startups & tech.

20,000+ MEETINGS

No other event on earth brings together the core of the startup ecosystem like Slush. Whether you’re looking to meet founders, startup operators, investors, media, or policymakers — this is the place to be. Our Meeting Area has 300 tables ready to be booked — last year, 20,500 meetings took place during both Slush days. That’s more than 800 meetings per hour.

The Slush Matchmaking Tool allows you to connect with people based on the most extensive, self-submitted dataset on early-stage startups there is.


Throughout Slush Week, we host hundreds of Side Events ranging from founder-investor networking and industry-specific gatherings to underground parties and ice swimming.

We want Slush to be your chance to connect with old and new peers like nowhere else in the world, challenge yourself, be inspired, and have fun while you’re at it.

Slush does a great job creating a welcoming‚ positive and inspirational atmosphere that encourages a sparkling dialogue between founders‚ entrepreneurs‚ community members and investors. —Nicolas Cary‚ Co-founder & President of One of the best entrepreneurship conferences in the world. —TechEU I can pack a month's worth of meetings into two days. —Tom Hulme‚ General Partner of Google Ventures Everywhere you walk here at Slush‚ you walk into someone who wants to change the world. —Pär-Jörgen Pärsön‚ Partner of Northzone Was blown away. It’s an amazing conference. Love the vibe and the energy is electric. —John Doran‚ General Partner of TVC Slush is one of my favourite conferences to attend for its sense of community. Whenever I'm asked which tech conference is most fun to go to‚ I always say Slush. —INSIDER The people quality and organisation was overall A+. —Leigh Marie Braswell‚ Partner of Kleiner Perkins Slush is my must-attend event every year for 10 years running. It's the best conference to meet ambitious founders in Europe – perhaps in the whole world! —Eric Liaw‚ general partner‚ IVP




startup founders
and operators




media representatives



Slush 2022 brought together 4,600 startup founders and operators, accompanied by 2,600 investors, representing $1 trillion in assets under management.


Slush 100 — the most coveted startup competition in the world.

World-class funds AccelGeneral CatalystLightspeed Venture PartnersNEA, and Northzone are coming together to invest €1,000,000 in the best early-stage startup at Slush 2023.

Applications have closed.


Founders Day is the largest founder-only gathering in the world.

In 2023, we’re building Founders Day even bigger to include mentoring, workshops, speakers, and experiences. The day culminates with the legendary Founders Day party with thousands of founders at a crazy venue you have never seen before.

Only two founders per company can register for Founders Day.


The Startup Studio is the only stage at Slush that focuses on the early-stage startups at Slush.

We’ll be highlighting 80 ambitious companies from deeptech, AI/ML, spacetech and several other thrilling sectors. We’ll also show the world who we think deserve more visibility in the Nordics and in Emerging Ecosystems.

You can apply to be one of the 80 companies highlighted on the stage through our Concepts page on the Slush Platform.


Do you want to have your own booth at the heart of the Slush venue?

It’s the most concrete way to get traction, leads and general visibility for early-stage startups and their products.

With 13,000 of the most relevant founders, investors and media joining Slush, getting a Startup Booth guarantees a memorable spot at the heart of the venue.

We will be selecting 80 early-stage startups of the most potential to showcase their product here – it’s one of the best places to get traction, leads, and visibility for your company. If selected, you’ll be randomly allocated a booth for either Day 1 or Day 2 of Slush, and the cost is €2,000 per day.

You can apply for a Startup Booth through our Concepts page on the Slush Platform.


When was the last time you’ve dipped in the icy sea or slid through the Finnish archipelago? Maybe you’re looking for an activity to network with founder peers? We’ve got experiences for the adrenaline junkies and those that want to relax before kickstarting their time at Slush.

Registration opening later.


In 2022 we had:

  • 4,600 startup founders and operators from around the world:
    • 87% European
    • 40% Nordic
    • 26% Finnish
    • 7% Asian
    • 5% North American
  • 16,500 meetings:
    • 37% of all meetings held between startups and investors.
  • 40% of investors invest across Europe and North America.



Slush gathers $3 trillion in assets under management under one roof. At no other gathering will you find the same critical mass of people you absolutely have to meet.


No founders, no media.

Just you and 1,100 fellow investors under the same roof one day before the Slush Main Event.

Get a headstart on your Slush experience through Investor Day — this year with daring new improvements and a program created to maximize your networking and learning opportunities.

Registration is limited to up to 4 people per company until Sep 15, or as long as tickets last.


Imagine you’d have a 1-hour private session with access to hand-picked startup invitees according to your interests in one go.

And better yet, what if this session had the flexibility to offer a customized program, ranging from stage presentations to workshops? How about catering options that help you tailor your session for the most effective use of time?

Dream no more.

Welcome to Investor Office Hours.

Please contact [email protected] to request a reservation.


At Slush this year, we’re bringing Investor Lounges to the next level – literally.

Located inside the Meeting Area, elevated at the heart of the Slush venue, the lounges give an intimate setting to work & wind-down during the Slush days. Perfect spaces for pre-booked meetings & team gatherings alike.

All Investor Lounges for 2023 are reserved. Please contact [email protected] to request a spot on the waitlist.


Sauna and dip into the icy waters of Helsinki. Challenge your colleagues in a round of padel. Wind-down at the National Gallery. Prepare your body and mind with yoga.

Regardless of whether you like sweating it out or absorbing a local cultural experience, we’ve got something for everyone to kick-off their Slush week on Nov 29.

Limited spots available booked as first-come, first-served. Registration opening later.


In 2022 we had:

  • 4,600 startup founders and operators from around the world:
    • 87% European
    • 40% Nordic
    • 26% Finnish
    • 7% Asian
    • 5% North American
  • 28% of startups at Slush have patented some part of their product.
  • The vast majority of investor entities present at Slush come from Northern and Central Europe. Finnish entities account for 9% of total entities represented. There were also 50% more North American entities present, when comparing to last year (90 vs. 59).
  • Over 70% of investors are happy with the amount of follow-up meetings they’ve had after Slush.



Hundreds of journalists are joining Slush to be where the action takes place. Meet the most interesting people in startups under one roof.


Media Day is an exclusive media-only event in the afternoon of Nov 29 where you’ll get an exclusive taste of the hottest topics at Slush 2023 from global tech leaders before anyone else.

This is something you can’t miss.


We will run a total of 5 unique announcements on Founder Stage during Slush 2023. Come and listen to groundbreaking news and research results, and find your next article topic.

Some previous announcements we would like to highlight for you so you know what to expect: Oura, FNDR, and Reface

So that you can start preparing, we’ll release our detailed program in the autumn.


Located inside the Media Area, Press Q&As serve as a space with two purposes:

  • To ask follow-up questions to Stage Announcement speakers after their time on stage.
  • To learn more and clarify your questions about other selected startup announcements at Slush.

You’ll get access to Press Q&As with your Media Pass or Speaker Pass if you are a media representative moderating at Slush.


Located behind Founder Stage, media and speaker pass holders will be writing their next story, interviewing a future shaper, networking with peers and relaxing during the event.

At the Media Area, you will have access to pre-bookable interview and podcast pods, working tables, and a silent streaming room.

Plus, if you need help during the event, we’ve got you covered! A help desk will be available during the whole event.

Media representatives holding a media or a speaker pass will have access to this area.


Media Bank is the resource bank for finding your next story.

Located on the Slush Platform, Media Bank features company profiles and all the information you’ll need to successfully create your next hit piece: from latest announcements to the media kit and contact details.



Get a bird’s eye view of the VC ecosystem in two days.


Slush is the largest gathering of venture capital in the world, bringing together $3 trillion in assets under management under one roof.

We’re thus welcoming a wide slate of both established and emerging managers.

Meet them at Slush either through our Matchmaking Tool or at one of our curated Side Events.


We’ll arrange exclusive LP-only Side Events to connect you with other LPs, help you exchange notes on managers, and provide you with a relaxed setting to discuss the ecosystem.


We’ll have 5,000 founders and startup operators joining us at Slush 2023.

Reach out to them through our Matchmaking Tool, and gain a deeper understanding of the ecosystem.


Our LP team will be at your disposal to help you navigate the event, set up meetings with relevant managers, and curate bespoke GP lists according to your investment criteria.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us by emailing our LP Relations at



Applications to be a Slush Volunteer and Group Lead now open until Sep 10.


The Slush Production Team’s main goal is to guarantee Slush a seamless customer journey through the biggest and most complex event production in Finland for all our 13,000 visitors. Production volunteers work on making sure we do the basics better than others. From the Badge Claim at the airport to the cloakroom, production customers serve our customers at critical points of the customer journey. Also, if you’d like to get your volunteering done before the event consider teams like Construction and Pre-Badge Claim!


Slush’s Finance volunteers work at the coolest clothing store in Pasila — the Slush Store which sells merchandise from the event.


Studio is a combination of the Marketing and Design team, like two peas in a pod. We work closely together to create and curate the external and visual communications for Slush. Studio volunteers film, photograph, and write content from the event. Also the Customer Success team makes sure our customers online and in Messukeskus get answers to their questions.


The Media & PR team has two core responsibilities at Slush: attracting the world’s leading media representatives to Slush and creating the best media experience of any event on the planet for them, and building compelling narratives to showcase Slush as an organization to media. Media & PR volunteers make sure all guests in these concepts have a stellar customer experience.


Volunteer Area volunteers make sure we serve our volunteers just as superbly as we serve our customers. They work in the dedicated Volunteer Area where volunteers get to chill, network, and have fun.


The Partnership Team brings the world’s leading corporates, scale-ups, country delegations, and research labs to be involved in Slush activities as partners. Partnerships volunteers make sure all partners have a stellar experience with Slush in each encounter.


The Program team is at the center of one of Slush’s most visible parts of the event: Speakers and stages. Program team volunteers make sure our speakers have a smooth and superb experience attending Slush and visiting Helsinki.


People come to Slush to meet relevant people for their ventures — and we’ve taken it to our heart to provide the world’s best meeting experience for them. We connect 1) startups <> investors, 2) investors <> investors, and 3) startups <> partners. Meeting Operations volunteers make sure everyone using the Meeting Area at Slush has a superb experience. They also gather feedback from the customers.


The Investor team is responsible for attracting the world’s leading venture capital investors to Slush, and creating the best investor experience of any event on the planet for them. Investor team volunteers work on the concepts and events offered to the investors visiting Slush and make sure they get excellent customer service in every encounter with Slush.


The Startup Team has the exciting responsibility of taking care of our largest core visitor group — the startup CEOs and founders. This is done with concepts like Founders Day, Slush 100, Startup Studio, Nordic Showcase, and Startup Booths to mention a few. Startup team volunteers make sure all founders are treated like royalty in every encounter they have with Slush.



We choose to build Slush with partners who not only support the startup ecosystem but share our values of entrepreneurial grit and lasting impact.


Close to 50% of the people you see at Slush 2023 are founders and 25% are investors.

Slush 2023 is the brand building opportunity like no other.

We offer comprehensive visibility through our fully customizable Partner Booths.


How can you meet anywhere between 50 to 350 of the most relevant people to you at Slush? It’s simple: organize a Partner Side Event.

Side Events are the second most popular activity among all of our visitors, directly after 1-on-1 meetings.

Our packages include a fully furnished and equipped venue next door to the Slush Main Event, invitations to the most relevant Slush visitors, and our Slush Side Event tool for all your admin needs.


3 out of 4 partners reached all of their business goals in 2022.

Slush is the ideal place to generate new busieness with the help of our Lead Scanning tools.

Lead Scanning is part of our other partner activities.


We’ll make sure you will meet the startups you need to meet at Slush.

The Slush magic happens only for 72 h every year – our team helps to secure you time from the world.

Slush Main Partners

Nordea Nokia University of Helsinki PwC 27pilots AstraZeneca

Slush Key Partners

Aalto University Y Science Remote AWS Mastercard J-StarX Snowflake Toptal VTT SAP

Slush Supporting Partners

REACH Incubator Zalando Lucid Inklusiiv Holvi European Startup Prize for Mobility Huhtamäki

Slush Ecosystem Partners

Business Sweden Netherlands Advantage Austria Innovation Norway Polish Investment & Trade Agency Invest in Türkiye Fukuoka Growth Next Cyprus Research & Innovation Foundation Bulgarian SME Promotion Agency Belgium Flanders Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland Digital Wallonia Italian Trade Agency Startup India La French Tech Kerala Startup Mission Spain Up Nation Startup Lithuania Deutsch-Finnische Handelskammer Enterprise Ireland swisstech.



All Hatching Bird and Early Bird discounted tickets have sold out.

If you’re a startupinvestor, or angel investor, we’ll ask you to register your company while you’re buying your ticket. This’ll help us ensure Slush 2023 is full of the most relevant people.

Are you a media representative?


SLUSH 2023

What is Slush about?

Slush is a student-driven, not-for-profit movement on a mission to create and help the next generation of groundbreaking entrepreneurs, originally founded to change attitudes toward entrepreneurship.

The Slush 2023 event features two days full of stage programs in addition to over 300 Side Events, mentoring, meetings, and afterparties (duh). Our speaker line-up includes successful founders, world-class investors, and other startup and tech influencers.

Slush has grown from a single event in Helsinki to a one-of-a-kind community and series of Slush’D events organized all around the world.

Node by Slush is our online founder community that includes workshops and 1-on-1 startup-investor meetings.

Read more about us here.

When and where does Slush take place?

The event will take place on Nov 30–Dev 1, 2023 at the Helsinki Expo and Convention Center (Messukeskus).

However, be sure to travel to Helsinki well in advance, as the concept of ‘Slush Week’ is no joke. For example, Founders Day, Investor Day and Media Day are all taking place a day before the main event on Nov 29, which you do not want to miss. These are exclusive events curated specifically for your ticket category and are essential to the Slush experience.

Also, don’t forget about our legendary afterparty taking place directly after the main event on Dec 1 and continuing into the wee hours of the following day, so we suggest you make your journey home on Saturday, Dec 2.

What are Slush Side Events?

Although officially a two-day event, Slush has become an entire week of exhilarating programs around the Helsinki metropolitan area. In addition to the events organized by Slush, including our Official Slush Side Events, there is a wealth of industry and theme-specific gatherings around Helsinki all adding up to the Slush experience.

Find all Slush Side Events on the Slush Platform.

How do I purchase my ticket to Slush 2023?

Purchase your ticket to Slush 2023 through the Slush Platform. If you are buying a startup, investor, or angel investor pass, we will first ask you to register your company, after which the Slush Team will review your profile and grant you access to purchase your ticket given that you meet the requirements. Attendee and Friday passes are available for all to purchase.

You may buy tickets for your colleagues, too. Remember to assign your ticket to the correct individual through the Slush Platform.

How do I contact the Slush team?

You can reach the team by email:

General inquiries [email protected]

Tickets [email protected]

Startups [email protected]

Investors [email protected]

Partners [email protected]

Media [email protected]

Speakers [email protected]

Marketing [email protected]

Slush’D [email protected]

Node by Slush [email protected]

Can I get a hotel discount?

Yes! Our carefully curated Guide to Helsinki 2023 is here with accommodation deals and the best recommendations on what to do and see in Helsinki. The Guide will be updated throughout the fall, so stay tuned on our socials for more, or subscribe to our newsletter.

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SLUSH 2023 • NOV 30–DEC 1  


SLUSH 2023 • NOV 30–DEC 1  


SLUSH 2023 • NOV 30–DEC 1  


SLUSH 2023 • NOV 30–DEC 1  


SLUSH 2023 • NOV 30–DEC 1