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Hundreds of media join Slush every year to discover the most groundbreaking announcements and stories from global tech leaders, startups, and investors.






founders and operators









2 days

of impactful content

Slush is one of my favorite conferences to attend for its sense of community. Whenever I'm asked which tech conference is the most fun to go to‚ I always say Slush.—Insider Distinctive style of entrepreneurship. —Forbes One of the best entrepreneurship conferences in the world.—



Perfect space to write your next story

Located next to the Founder Stage, this is the perfect space for you to write your next story, interview brilliant founders and investors, network with peers, and relax during the event.

Exclusive media-only event

Slush Media Morning is an exclusive event for media on the morning of Day 1, Nov 20, at the Media Area. Kick off your Slush experience with breakfast, meet your colleagues, and get ready for the event days ahead. Stay tuned – registration opens soon

Resource bank for finding your next story

Located on the Slush Platform, Media Bank features all the information you’ll need to successfully create your next big piece: from the latest announcements to the media kit and contact details.

Private spot for conducting interviews

Whether you’re conducting an interview or recording a podcast with top founders, investors, executives, or speakers, our silent interview pods and pods with podcast equipment are ready for you. Pre-bookings open in the fall.



media representatives


Slush is a student and recent graduates-led not-for-profit movement on a mission to help and create founders that change the world.



Why should I come to Slush?

Year after year, journalists, opinion leaders, podcasters, and writers come to Slush(y) Helsinki in November to find the best startups and write their next hit piece. If this is your first time, we have 3 reasons why you should join us this year.

Discover stories worth telling
Slush is the most founder-focused event on earth, bringing over 5,500 international startup founders and operators to Helsinki. Coming as a journalist, content creator or podcaster allows you to hear about cutting-edge innovations before it’s released, ask all the questions you have directly to the founders, and break the news before anyone else.

Slush is THE hotspot for emerging trends in the tech and startup landscape. By coming to Slush, you get to find out about the development of new technologies and research results for the next year.

Everyone is here
Whether you want to interview that high-profile speaker you’ve been chasing for weeks or the upcoming founder who will make it big with a groundbreaking idea, Slush is the right place for you.

Who can get a Media Pass?

Slush Media Passes are intended for journalists and editorial members of the press. We have a limited number of Passes available and therefore prioritize outlets with a significant following and journalists who show a track record of writing about startups, technology, or venture capital.

Freelancers, podcasters, bloggers, and other individual contributors are also welcome to apply but will be screened more thoroughly for relevance.

Communications and PR professionals and non-editorial employees of media companies are kindly advised to purchase an Attendee Pass.

How can I find news during Slush?

At Slush, we’ve made it easy for you to find news for your next piece:

  • Join our main event’s stage program and get to know our fantastic speakers.
  • Explore our Media Bank, your go-to spot for the latest announcements, media kits, and contact details.
  • Make the most of our in-house Slush Matchmaking Tool, designed to help you message the speakers, founders, and investors you have been eager to meet and interview.

Where can I find photos from Slush?

All Slush photos can be found here.

Publications, articles, and all non-commercial Slush-related usage of our photos and videos are allowed when crediting the photographer or videographer and mentioning that the photo or video is from Slush.

You are not allowed to edit the photos or videos or to use them for commercial purposes. If you want to use the photos or videos for commercial use, get in touch with us.

Can I bring my wireless equipment?

Yes, you’re welcome to bring your wireless gear with you! However, to make sure everything runs smoothly in the Slush Media Area, we’d love to know a bit more about your wireless equipment.

Your details help us manage radio frequencies, reducing interference and making sure everyone stays connected.

A few things to note:

  • Try to use wired devices whenever possible
  • We cannot guarantee the frequencies
  • All wireless devices must be approved in advance

You can easily register your equipment here. If you have questions, feel free to drop us a line at [email protected].

Who are the speakers coming to Slush?

You can discover all the speakers coming to Slush in our Speaker Page. Note that we publish new speakers regularly and that the Slush agenda will launch in the fall.

How can I book interviews with Slush attendees?

The best and most efficient way to book interviews at Slush is through our Matchmaking Tool. You can search for people, startups, investors, and other attendees and filter them based on your interests. You can book the interviews directly on the tool to the Slush Media Area and chat with the participants in advance.

You can access the Matchmaking tool on the Slush Platform.

How can I find more insights and data about Slush Attendees?

Slush 2024 will gather 13,000 founders, investors, and media this year on Nov 20–21 in Helsinki. However, we understand you may need a little more information to convince your editor to join us — don’t worry, we got you.

Slush 2024 in numbers:

  • 5,500 startup operators and founders
  • 3,300 investors
  • 300 limited partners
  • 250 media representatives
  • 160 tech leaders in Slush stages
  • Dozens of partners
  • In 2023, Slush held over 20,500 meetings in two days. That means more than 800 meetings per hour. But you don’t have to believe us, examples speak for themselves. Check out some of our success stories.

Where can I work during Slush?

  • At Slush 2024, you’ll have exclusive access to the Slush Media Area, where you’ll discover workstations, tables, interview spots, and podcast pods to make your week even more productive and enjoyable.

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