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Want to take your first step on your path to becoming a startup founder, operator, or VC? This is your chance to get a first-class ticket behind the scenes of the world’s leading startup event.

Volunteer your way into the unique startup ecosystem and contribute to our so-called Slush Magic.





“Year after year I keep wanting to come back because of the love for the strong Slush community.”



“Being a volunteer at Slush gave me a lot of opportunities inside the startup ecosystem and I actually found my current job at Slush.”



“It was a once in a lifetime experience to be a part of organizing an event in the scale of Slush.”
It was my first year and therefore it was total new experience and a lot of impressions. It was perfect! The best thing about being a volunteer was challenging myself and learning new things about the ecosystem. It is a yearly tradition for me to join Slush as a volunteer and I wouldn’t miss it for the world.





What is Slush about?

Slush is a student-driven, not-for-profit movement with the mission to create and help the next generation of groundbreaking entrepreneurs, originally founded to change attitudes toward entrepreneurship. The Slush 2023 event features two days full of stage programs, in addition to several side events, talks at networking sessions, roundtable discussions, and facilitated workshops. Our speaker line-up includes successful founders, top-notch investors, and other startup and tech influencers.

When does Slush take place?

Slush 2023 will take place physically on Nov 30–Dec 1, 2023, at Helsinki Expo and Convention Center (Messukeskus).

Where is Slush organized?

Slush is organized in the Helsinki Expo and Convention Center. Address: Messuaukio 1, 00520 Helsinki Helsinki Expo and Convention Center is located just a few kilometers from the Helsinki city center – you’ll be able to arrive at the venue within 15 minutes from all around the city.

What is the number of volunteers this year?

In 2023 the Slush Team will be recruiting 47 Team Leads, 194 Group Leads, and 1378 volunteers.

In total, this results in over 1,500 volunteers.

What are the different volunteer roles at Slush?

Team Leads are the link between core team members and volunteers. As a Team Lead, you work as part of the Slush Fall Team, consisting of our full-time team members and Team Leads. Following our value trust by default, you’ll be given autonomy and responsibilities that contribute towards making Slush 2023 the best Slush to date.

Group Leads are responsible for running the core operations during the event days. They are also recruiting and training the volunteers for various different tasks.

Volunteers will be the biggest helping hands during the event days. They will be responsible for helping and executing various different tasks, mostly during Slush week.

What is the process for recruiting volunteers?

Team Leads will be recruited during the Spring. The Team Lead recruitment process is done through group interviews, which our core team conducts.

Group Leads will be recruited during the Fall by the Team Leads.

Volunteers will be recruited by our Group Leads during the Fall.

Is there an age limit to volunteering?

Yes, we don’t recruit under 18 year olds to be volunteers at Slush.

When will the 2023 volunteer application open?

The Slush Group Lead & Volunteer application opens on 7 Aug and closes on 10 Sep.

What are the workloads for different volunteer positions?

Team Lead position approximate workload during the Fall: 15-25h/week.

Group Lead position maximum workload during the Fall: 10h/week.

Volunteer position approximate workload during the event week: 20h (depending on which team and what kind of tasks they have). Adding to the workload during the event days there will be different kinds of Volunteer activities such as Volunteer Day, Talkoot, Volunteer’s Afterparty, and Venue Tour.

Does Slush cover travel and accommodation costs?

Unfortunately, Slush can’t offer traveling and accommodation costs for volunteers. During previous years some Group Leads and local volunteers have kindly offered their places to international volunteers. Although we can’t guarantee accommodation like this, since we can’t oblige anyone to offer a place to stay.

How should I proceed if I need a visa traveling to Finland?

Slush can help the recruited volunteers with their visa applications by providing them with an invitation letter. Contact [email protected] for this matter. Read more about Finland’s visa policies on the website of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland.

What are the important dates for volunteers?

The Slush Fall contains tons of fun events. In order to get the most out of your volunteer experience these are the important dates that would require your physical presence in Helsinki.

In 2023 the important dates will be the following:

  • 14 Oct – Talkoot 2
  • 11 Nov – Volunteers Day
  • 27 Nov–1 Dec – Slush week
  • 2 Dec – Volunteer Afterparty

What are the important dates for group leads?

This exciting position offers training sessions to prepare for the greater responsibilities, which means that Group Leads have a larger time commitment and additional attendance dates:

In 2023 the important dates will be the following:

  • 11 Oct – Leadership Experience #1
  • 14 Oct – Talkoot 2
  • 1 Nov – Leadership Experience #2
  • 11 Nov – Volunteers Day
  • 27 Nov–1 Dec – Slush week
  • 2 Dec – Volunteer Afterparty

How do I contact the Slush team?

You can reach the Slush People Team by email at [email protected].