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Media Area, Silent Streaming Area, Nov 30 and Dec 1


Exclusive for Slush, Proximie – the leading global health tech digitizing operating rooms – announces the launch of its Software Development Kit (“SDK”). Join Proximie Founder & CEO, Dr Nadine Hachach-Haram, as she showcases the opportunities offered by the SDK via the one-off “PxMoggy” robot – only available at Slush – and ask all your follow up questions live.

Day 1, Nov 30 at 12.55 pm on Media Area, Silent Streaming Area

Dr. Nadine Hachach-Haram, Founder and CEO

Tom Wehmeier, Partner

State of European Tech Report

Tom Wehmeir presents Atomico’s annual State of European Tech Report, with all the findings from 2023. After his slot on stage, Tom will hold a Press Q&A for you to ask any follow-up questions.


Doublepoint is a Finnish startup working on wrist-based gesture detection. They will be launching an entirely new input paradigm at Slush 2023. After their stage announcement, Ohto and Thomas will hold a Press Q&A, where you’ll be able to take a closer look to their hardware.

Day 1, Nov 30 at 4.40 pm at the Media Area, Silent Streaming Area

Ohto Pentikäinen, Co-founder and CEO

Thomas Joseph, VP of Product (Ex-Meta)

Peter Sarlin, CEO

SiloGen, from Silo AI

SiloGen is building a family of open language models that bring European languages to the frontier. In addition to new model checkpoints, evaluations, and benchmarks, SiloGen will announce a partnership that will enable additional capabilities to the next generation of its models.

Day 2, Dec 1, at 11.30 am at the Media Area, Silent Streaming Area


OpenBCI has been a worldwide leader in low-cost neurotechnology hardware and software for over a decade. This year at Slush, Conor will be revealing the state of the art of the Galea product, as well as details on OpenBCIs plan to build a new operating system of the mind, incorporating BCI, spatial computing, and AI. After their launch on stage, Conor will hold a Press Q&A.

Day 2, Dec 1, at 1.35 pm at the Media Area, Silent Streaming Area

Conor Russomanno, Founder and CEO

Dan Westgarth, COO


Dan Westgarth, COO at Deel will announce the rollout of Deel AI, their new global work assistant. Effortlessly access reliable global HR information and insights that are pulled from Deel’s own workforce data, a place to help with keeping up with ever-changing local laws and regulations, and seamlessly expanding global teams.

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Day 2, Dec 1 at 14.15 pm at the Media Area, Silent Streaming Area

Stealth Startup

Founded by 5 senior games and media industry veterans in 2023, Stealth startup which will be launched out of Stealth at Slush 2023 is blending, bending, and extending reality as we know it, making Spatial XR AI-assisted web creation, experiences, and VIRL (virtual IRL) with others incredibly easy. The new era of human connection is here. After the announcement, Hanna will hold a Press Q&A to answer all your doubts.

Day 2, Dec 1 at 15.15 pm at the Media Area, Silent Streaming Area

Hanna Toivonen, Co-founder and CEO

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