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The largest gathering of venture capital at Slush

Day 0, Nov 29, the Slush Venue


1:30–1:55 pm — Early-stage FinTech Investing

Robert Natzler (Baillie Gifford)
Yusuf Özdalga (QED Investors)
Kemi Odusan (NEA)

2:00–2:25 pm — Science is the New Tech

George Henry (LocalGlobe)
Seth Bannon (Fifty Years)

How are science-based startups transitioning from research to commercial success? What challenges do top early-stage investors face when investing into these startups? How can investors take funding of their science-based portcos to the next stages?

2:30–2:55 pm — Valley of Death: from Seed to Series A

Antoine Nussenbaum (Felix Capital)
Pepe Agell (Pear VC)

How can investors bridge the fundraising gap between burgeoning pre-seed rounds on one side and the increasingly cautious Series A rounds on the other side? How is the role of early stage investors impacted by the current fundraising landscape?

3:00–3:25 pm — State of European Venture

Jon Biggs (Top Tier Capital Partners)
Paul Verhaak (Wellcome Trust)
Thomas Moon (UCLA Investment Company) — moderator

Jon Biggs, Paul Verhaak, and Thomas Moon will dive deep into the development of European VC as an asset class, compare European VC with its US counterpart, and give their thoughts on how the European venture ecosystem will develop in the coming years.

3:30–3:55 pm — Liquidity in an illiquid market

Leyla Holterud (StepStone)
Stefan Fällgren (Skandia)
Thomas Kristensen (LGT)
Colette Ballou

VCs are facing a great deal of pressure for liquidity, so Leyla Holterud (StepStone), Stefan Fällgren (Skandia), Thomas Kristensen (LGT) and Colette Ballou are going to candidly discuss how to obtain liquidity for your LPs in a downturn while balancing the interests of LPs in different vintages?

4:00–4:25 pm — Going Beyond Values

Jessica Bartos (Salesforce Ventures)
Matt Penneycard (Ada Ventures)
Zeynep Yavuz (General Catalyst)
Agnes Svensson (Norrsken) — moderator

How can VCs do more to ensure they hire more inclusively and try to park the bias? Should outlining that you’re an equal opportunities employer be enough, or do we need to establish more structure and policies to encourage diversity within VC?

Supporting LP Partner

Supporting Partner

Data Partner


In these 45-minute sessions, up to 10 investors exchange learnings around a topic of common interest. Topics this year include data & AI opportunities as an investor, opening a new VC office, ESG work in VCs, LP perspectives on VC portfolio construction, deep tech & quantum computing, down rounds, and many more.


Never before at Slush, we’re especially excited about our new LP Lounge by PwC hosted at Investor Day together with our LP Supporting Partner PwC.


If you (and the person you’re looking to meet) are attending Investor Day, it will appear as a location in the Matchmaking Tool. By scheduling the bulk of your investor meetings for Day 0 (Nov 29), you’ll have more time to meet startups during the two event days!

Please note that reserved tables for Matchmaking are only available at the main event. At Investor Day, you can expect an amazing meeting point to find each other from the crowd and then find your preferred spot across the venue.

Pro tip: Filter for People > Side Events > Investor Day to find other attendees joining Investor Day!



1:00 pm
Doors open & food is served

1:30 pm
Stage program & first round of Roundtables begin

2:30 pm
Second round of Roundtables begin

3:30 pm
Third round of Roundtables begin

4:30 pm
Stage program ends

5:00 pm
Doors closed


Where will Investor Day take place?

Investor Day will take place in Messukeskus Hall 4 (Messuaukio 1, 00520 Helsinki).

Will there be food & drinks?

There will be some snacks and beverages available for all participants at Investor Day. We recommend eating lunch prior to the event, however.

Can I bring more than two people from my company?

An extension of the deadline for registering up to four people per company to Investor Day is unfortunately not possible.

All registrations after Sep 22 are strictly limited to two people per company to ensure maximum relevancy of attendees and a pleasant event experience. If you’re looking for alternative events on Day 0, we recommend you check out our Side-Event Tool.

Can I use the Matchmaking Tool during Investor Day?

The Matchmaking Tool is up and running, meaning you can already use it to schedule meetings for Investor Day and not miss out on any of the main event action.

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