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With tech emitting more CO2 than the aviation sector, we have a responsibility to set a good example. Our shared objective is to ensure that we leave the world in a better condition than we encountered it.
While we are committed to minimizing our carbon footprint, completely eliminating all emissions is challenging considering the nature of Slush: organizing an event that requires people to travel the world.
Therefore, in collaboration with Supercritical, we are offsetting 100% of the unavoidable emissions generated by Slush 2024, including the event production and travels to Helsinki. Supercritical is the world’s leading carbon removal marketplace and plays a big role in helping tech companies on their path to net zero with their all-in-one climate platform.
Our offset portfolio consists of trusted carbon offsets. Supercritical stays on top of the science and does the due diligence, so we know we’re buying a real tonne of carbon removed.You can contribute by offsetting your own travel and attendance emissions via the checkout flow when purchasing a ticket.



You can get straight from your flight to Slush main event venue with one train in 38 minutes. Several trams, trains and buses will take you through the darkness from city centre to Messukeskus.
Public transportation in Helsinki is easy, efficient, and reliable and we encourage everyone to use it. You can buy tickets and find the best routes from the HSL app.
If you have some extra time for getting here, Helsinki is easily accessible by ferries from Tallinn or Stockholm. Take some extra time to appreciate this world, both literally and figuratively.



All food at Slush is either vegetarian or vegan. We want to serve vegetarian meat alternatives giving visibility to new innovations and inspiring our attendees with options they didn’t know existed.
This year we’re collaborating with different Finnish vegan ingredient companies with a common goal of providing fulfilling, warm meals that keep you energized for busy event days.
Why? We want to show you how darn easy it is to add delicious vegan and vegetarian meals to your everyday life.



Done eating? We have close to 100 volunteers helping us to stick with our sustainability values. You either pay for the sorting company to recycle the waste, or you do it yourself. We have decided to do it ourselves.
We have 35 recycling stations and each has a volunteer to help you out with sorting. It might seem intimidating at first, but it’s very simple with a little help.
Thanks to this operation, we didn’t have any mixed waste by our event visitors in 2023. Let’s keep it up, shall we?

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