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Help us offset your Slush 2023 emissions

We’re partnered with Supercritical to offset our emissions with trusted carbon removal credits. With tech emitting more CO2 than the aviation sector, we have a responsibility to set a good example. Supercritical plays a big role here, helping tech companies on their path to net zero with their all-in-one climate platform.

Our offset portfolio includes afforestation, peatland preservation, and biochar. Don’t know what any of this means? Neither do we! But Supercritical stays on top of the science and does the due diligence, so we know we’re buying a real tonne of carbon removed.
You can contribute by offsetting your own travel and attendance emissions. You can do this via the checkout flow when purchasing a ticket. If you’ve already purchased your ticket, don’t worry. You can still contribute and compensate for your attendance.



You can get straight from your flight to Slush main event venue with one train in 38 minutes. Several trams, trains and buses will take you through the darkness from city centre to Messukeskus.
Public transportation in Helsinki is easy, efficient, and reliable and we encourage everyone to use it. You can buy tickets and find the best routes from the HSL app.
If you have some extra time for getting here, Helsinki is easily accessible by ferries from Tallinn or Stockholm. Take some extra time to appreciate this world, both literally and figuratively.



This year we are introducing washable and re-usable cups, which you can return to any recycling point – just make sure you don’t throw those in the trash! Enjoy the free coffee from one of these or bring your own reusable cup.
Remember to have your own bottle for filling it up with one of the purest tap water’s in the world. Not a single single-use bottle will be sold at Slush.
Besides these, all disposables cups, plates and cutlery are biodegradable.

To avoid unnecessary waste, we’ve banned our partners and attendees from giving out flyers.



All food at Slush is either vegetarian or vegan.
Our approach this year was that most dishes would just “happen to be” vegan.
Why? We want to show you how damn easy it is to add delicious vegan and vegetarian meals in your everyday life.



Done eating? We have 35 recycling points around the Slush venue.
Every point has a volunteer to help you out with sorting.
Thanks to these points, our recycling rate was 82% in 2022. Let’s aim for it to reach 100%!



Want to buy something to commemorate coming to Slush? Globe Hope has you covered, and you can rest assured that no virgin materials were produced to create the merch.
We have beanies made of surplus vegan “wool”, bags created from recycled seat belts and surplus fabric, and shirts made from 100% recycled materials, namely plastic bottles and fabric cuttings. Our volunteers also rock shirts from Globe Hope which are 100% from recycled materials.



Wondering how we’re carrying our all our logistics before and during Slush?
We’ve partnered up with Polestar so we’ve got a 100% electric fleet of cars helping us carry out all of logistical needs.

Slushtainability Partners

Supercritical Polestar Stora Enso L&T Globe Hope