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Badge Claim points

Hello Slush ticket holder. You need to change your ticket into a corresponding badge and wristband combo to have access to Slush. You need to wear the wristband during Slush and the afterparty.

You can exchange your ticket for a badge and wristband at any of our Badge Claim points either before Slush or upon arrival at the venue. We recommend skipping the event day registration rush and claiming the badge and wristband even two days before the event. Locations and opening hours are to be announced in June.

Badge Claim is also available during both event days, Nov 20 and Nov 21, at the main event venue Messukeskus. Badge Claim points are located at both the Southern (Messuaukio 1) and the Northern (Ratapihantie 17) entrances.

Please note: You will be asked to present a pictured ID when picking up your badge and wristband for safety reasons. You can only claim your own badge and wristband.

Using someone else’s badge or wristband is strictly forbidden and will lead to being removed from the event. Don’t take out your wristband during your stay, you’re only given one.

Slush Venue location

The event will take place at the Helsinki Expo and Convention Center (Messukeskus). The address is Messuaukio 1, 00520 Helsinki, Finland. This is the address of the main entrance (Southern Entrance).

Side Events organized in Siipi are in the same building, entrance is next to Messukeskus’ southern entrance.

Transportation to and from Slush

Slush will be held at Messukeskus Helsinki (Expo & Convention Center), located close to Helsinki city center with excellent public transport connections. There are two entrances to the venue: the main entrance Southern Entrance, and the Northern Entrance if you arrive by car. Taxis arriving at Slush will drive directly to the Southern Entrance.

TRAIN (From city center ~10min)

The best way to arrive and leave is by train. Trains go every 5 minutes before and after the event days, and every 5–15 minutes after the Afterparty (Fri 1 am–3 am). Avoid traffic jams and red lights, taking a train will be faster than by car or taxi.

  1. Download the HSL App (App StoreGoogle Play)
  2. Search for the trip, it will tell you which ticket to buy
  3. Purchase a ticket

The ride is 4 minutes from Central Railway Station to Pasila Station, where you need to hop off. From there walk 7 minutes and you’re at Slush.


Arriving by taxi: Messukeskus Taxi stand is at the Southern Entrance (main entrance). Address for driver: Messuaukio 1.

After the event: Taking a train to the city center will be the fastest way. If you need to take a taxi, we highly recommend taking one from the Slush taxi pole at the Western entrance of Messukeskus. No need to book one, take the first taxi available. The taxi pole is operated by our partnering company Taksi Helsinki.

Accessing Slush Venue

There are two entrances to the Slush Venue. Southern Entrance (main entrance, Messuaukio 1) and Northern Entrance (Ratapihantie 17).

You must have both a Slush badge and wristband to access the Slush Venue. All attendees must have their wristbands and badges on at all times.

The official Side Event venue, Siipi, is accessible to Side Event attendees even without a ticket to the Slush main event. If this is you, please use the separate Siipi entrance at Rautatieläisenkatu 3.

Safety and security at Slush are our top priorities. Attendees are subject to a security check at the entrance, where personal belongings may be searched for dangerous or prohibited items.

Larger bags are not permitted inside the event and must be left at the luggage drop at Messukeskus.

There will be a place to leave luggage at both Messukeskus entrances, the Southern Entrance (Messuaukio 1) and the Northern Entrance (Ratapihantie 17).

Luggage area opening hours:
Wed, Nov 20 (Day 1): 8 am–6 pm
Thu, Nov 21 (Day 2): 8 am–2 am

My Slush mobile app

My Slush is your ultimate tool for mastering Slush 2024. Explore stage programs, craft your personalized Slush Week agenda, plan your schedule, book meetings with other Slush-goers, and sign up for Side Events. Everything conveniently in one place.

My Slush 2024 edition will launch in the fall.

Booking meetings

The Slush Matchmaking Tool is our in-house tool that allows you to book meetings with the most relevant people for you. Access the Matchmaking Tool through the My Slush app or through the Slush Platform. You must have a valid Slush Pass assigned to your name to be able to access the Matchmaking Tool. The tool will be launched later this year.

With the tool, you can scroll and filter through other attendees, book meetings, and chat. With filters like industry, stage, and geographic focus, you can ensure your requests are going to the right people.

To make the most out of matchmaking, make sure your company profile stands out by reaching a 100% company completion score.

Please read our page on the matchmaking experience at Slush or contact [email protected] for further questions.

Side Events at Siipi

Siipi is the official Side Event venue located in Messukeskus (same building as Slush main event). You can access Siipi easily either:

  1. Through the Southern entrance of Messukeskus
  2. Through the Slush lobby
  3. Through the separate Siipi entrance at Rautatieläisenkatu 3.

Side Event visitors without a Slush badge are asked to use option 4.

More info on the Side Events coming up.


We’re currently working hard on getting you the best hotel deals in Helsinki. Stay tuned for our revamped Guide to Helsinki for Slush 2024 which is set to launch in June, where you’ll find discounts and other hot tips for your stay in the chilly North.


Opening hours & schedule

Wednesday, Nov 20 (Day 1)

  • 8 am – Doors open
  • 10 am – Slush 2024 Opening Show
  • 6 pm – End of Day 1

Thursday, Nov 21 (Day 2)

  • 8 am – Doors open
  • 6 pm – Stage program ends
  • 6 pm – Slush Afterparty begins
  • 2 am (Fri) – Slush Afterparty ends (Last call 1:30 am)

Slush 2024 Stage Program and Side Event schedule launched in the fall.

Venue map

Map of Slush 2024 coming in the fall.

It’ll be awesome, trust us.

Event accessibility

Messukeskus has two main entrances, and the Southern and the Northern Entrance both have automatic doors for easy access. All floors at Slush can be accessed by lift, and have an easy-access toilet. Most of the restaurants at the venue also provide easy access. The Northern Entrance is best for arriving by car.


During the events, parking is free for people who have a disabled parking permit. The lowest P1 level of the car park near the northern entrance has 20 parking spaces marked for the disabled. The users of disabled parking must declare their vehicle registration plate number to the Messukeskus customer service point. Also, the hotel parking area is free for disabled persons during the events.

Wheelchair spots at the stages

We have dedicated wheelchair spots in the audience at each stage. Please ask our wonderful Info Volunteers to guide you to those spots. You can find Info Team for example at the Info Points marked in the event map. You can also recognize them by their Info pins.

Assistants and interpreters

People using assistive devices or requiring assistance should have a ticket to Slush. An assistant accompanying the visitor has free admission. Please ask for assistance at the registration upon your arrival for further guidance, the Ticket Help Desk will help you. The assistant policy also applies to interpreters. If you have any questions please reach out to [email protected].

Please note: The event includes flashing lights that could affect individuals with photosensitive epilepsy or other light-sensitive conditions. 

Luggage Storage

Only small purses and backpacks are allowed inside the event. Larger bags and luggage are not permitted inside the event. There will be a place to leave luggage at both Slush Venue entrances, the Southern Entrance (Messuaukio 1), and the Northern Entrance (Ratapihantie 17). Your luggage will be safe with our professional cloakroom staff at all times.

Luggage area opening hours:
Wed, Nov 20 (Day 1): 8 am–6 pm
Thu, Nov 21 (Day 2): 8 am–2 am


There are two cloakrooms at Slush. Southern and Northern Cloakrooms are both open according to the event’s opening hours:

  • Wed, Nov 20, 8 am–6 pm
  • Thur, Nov 21, 8 am–2 am

The cloakrooms are free of charge. You can store bags in addition to coats, and your items will be secure with our staff at all times. Feel free to drop off or collect your items throughout the day. Large bags or luggage must be left at the luggage storage mentioned above.

Lost & Found

Lost and Found is located in the Southern cloakroom on the right-hand side. If you find an item, please bring it there.

If you have lost an item, be ready to provide a detailed description. During the event, all lost and found items are stored in the Southern cloakroom.

More info coming during the fall.

Taking photos & videos at the venue

Taking pictures and videos at Slush with a mobile device and sharing them online is allowed. Slush is a public event.

Bringing in professional filming equipment is however prohibited unless agreed otherwise or you are an accredited member of the press.

Quiet space for prayer

There is a quiet room at the Slush Venue, a peaceful space where you can calm down, meditate, or pray.

The room is open to all, regardless of religion or worldview.

More details coming closer to the event.

Slush Afterparty

The official Slush Afterparty will be held at the Slush Venue starting directly after the Day 2 Stage Program at 6 pm, lasting until the early hours of Nov 22.

The Afterparty is a festival-like event with something for everyone. The whole Slush venue will transform into a bustling space with music, performances, activities, food, and drinks. Whether you want to party at the big stage, sip some champagne and take it easy, or sing karaoke and paint with your new friends, you should stay for the Afterparty.

Plenty of food and drink options will also be available throughout the night.

Full Afterparty program coming soon.



Large-scale public events in Finland are generally considered very safe, and Slush is no exception. We are aware of the challenges related to the safety of a large event. We aim to create an event where everyone can participate safely and feel comfortable by putting a lot of effort each year into minimizing any security risks by cooperating tightly with our security partner Securitas Oy, subcontractors, city officials, and other stakeholders.

Slush visitors and staff will be subject to a security check at the entrances of Slush, where the person’s belongings are checked for prohibited and dangerous objects. The inspection is carried out with sensitivity and only to the extent necessary regarding the person’s belongings.

Our security staff, dedicated to making the event safe, is present at all times. If you have any questions at the event regarding safety, you can always turn to the nearest security personnel.

Security Check

Safety and security at Slush are our top priorities. Attendees are subject to a security check when entering the Slush Venue (Messukeskus), where personal belongings may be searched for dangerous or prohibited items.

First Aid

In case first aid is needed, or you witness or experience any distressing or inappropriate behavior, you can turn to the nearest security personnel.

You can also find a First Aid Station in Ala-Galleria marked on the event map, right outside Food Court.

You can reach the Slush Venue First Aid at +358 40 184 1659.

The national emergency number in Finland is 112.

Contact Security

You can always reach out to the nearest security personnel in case you need help or have any questions regarding safety.

You can also visit the Security Help Desk, which can be found next to the southern cloakroom and is operational throughout the event.

Security Helpdesk can also be reached by phone: +358 40 536 5539

Safety Mediators

What are safety mediators?

As the Slush Code of Conduct states: “Slush is meant to be a 100% inclusive experience from the beginning till the end for all our attendees, volunteers, and contributors.”

Our Safety Mediators work to ensure this will be true. Their responsibility is to help solve conflicts and offer conversation help to anyone who has had a negative experience at the event.

Who are the safety mediators?

Our Safety Mediators are licensed psychologists from

How to reach the safety mediators?

At the event, you can reach them in two ways:

1. Find them live at the venue

You can approach any of our security personnel and ask for the mediators or go to the Security Help Desk next to the Southern entrance. Our Security personnel will find the Safety Mediators for you and stay with you while you wait.

2. Use the Chat in Slush App

You can also chat with our Safety Mediators in the My Slush App chat. You can find a chat channel with the Safety Mediators by navigating to the chat in your My Slush App.

Code of Conduct

By coming to Slush, you’re expected to respect all event-goers regardless of their gender, race, ethnicity, religion, age, sexual orientation, disability, or other aspects of what we look like, where we come from, and who we are.

This Code of Conduct applies to all parts of the main event, the side events, and any related activities, whether digital or in person. Slush is meant to be a 100% inclusive experience from the beginning till the end for all of our attendees, employees, and contributors.

Health Measures

Slush is a large public event with 13,000 visitors. If you are feeling ill, please consider common health and safety and stay home. Your ticket can be transferred to another person in case you can’t attend yourself.

We encourage you to keep good hand hygiene at Slush. There’s bathrooms around the venue for washing your hands, and hand sanitizer can be found around the venue easily.

Prohibited items

  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Drugs or narcotics
  • Weapons of any kind, firearms, or any illegal items
  • Deposit bottles or glass bottles (bring a reusable water bottle for filling)
  • Professional filming equipment unless separately agreed with the Slush Team
  • Walkie-talkies or portable speakers
  • Aerosol sprays (paint, deodorant, hairspray, etc.)
  • Any type of portable chairs
  • Handing out flyers or any other printed promotional material is strictly forbidden


Food & Beverage

There are restaurants and cafes located around the venue, providing you with many different food & drink options and cuisines.

All food served at the event is either suitable for a lacto-ovo-vegetarian (contains dairy or eggs) diet or fully vegan.

You can also find quick and delicious grab-and-go options from the Selfly Store and self-service kiosks around the venue.


Coffee is on us! This means you can get regular brewed coffee from any cafe or any of our 8 coffee points around the event, free of charge.

You can also purchase espresso-based coffee drinks from cafes inside the event area.


Remember to bring your own reusable bottle! Slush is a plastic bottle-free event.

We have 20 water points at the event, where you can get some world-famous clean and fresh Finnish tap water on demand—both still and sparkling.


Slush is a cashless event. Cards and other common contactless payment methods (Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc.) are the only payment methods in use.

In case you still need to make cash withdrawals, you can find an ATM in Ala-Galleria (marked in the event map), right outside Food Court.


There are over 30 recycling points at the venue, which means you have no excuse to leave your trash lying around. Our recycling partner L&T truly treats your trash like their treasure, so make sure to always pay attention to use the correct bin. And worry not—there’s a volunteer at each point to guide you if needed.

Why are so many things put into the bio bins?

At Slush most food packaging, utensils, cups, etc. are biodegradable and belong in the “Event Bio” bin.

Our recycling partner L&T is using a new post-processing method, which allows non-biodegradable materials containing food scraps to be thrown in the bin and extracted later. This means, for example, that any plastic or dirty cardboard packaging from food or drink can be thrown into the event bio bin at Slush.


Relaxation Zone

You can find room to sit down and relax for a while at The Relaxation Area. There will be comfortable seating to let you unwind in this art installation-like area.


You can find 3 big different Workspaces around the venue. No reservation is needed—these are free to use for anyone, whenever.

The spaces are designed simply for getting some work done on your laptop. We hope you have as much time to enjoy the event as possible, but we do recognize that there’s the occasional need to jot something down.


Slush provides a free-to-use WiFi network at the venue.

Charging your device

If you have a charger with you, you can find power outlets at the workspaces around the venue.


Do I need to exchange my ticket for a badge?

Yes. You need a badge and a wristband to enter Slush. You can exchange your Slush Pass for a wristband and badge at any of our Badge Claim points either before the event to avoid queuing or at the Slush Venue.

You will be asked to show a pictured ID at our Badge Claim points to receive your badge and wristband.

How can I view my ticket (Slush Pass)?

You can find your Slush Pass (your digital ticket to Slush) on the Slush Platform under Manage Tickets. Log in with the same credentials you used when purchasing your ticket. If you were assigned a ticket, use the email it was assigned to to log in or create an account.

How do I contact the Slush team?

You can reach the team by email:

General inquiries [email protected]

Tickets [email protected]

Startups [email protected]

Investors [email protected]

Partners [email protected]

Media [email protected]

Speakers [email protected]

Marketing [email protected]

Slush’D [email protected]

Node by Slush [email protected]

Can I get a refund for my ticket?

Unfortunately, Slush tickets are non-refundable.

However, you can reassign your ticket to someone else on the Slush Platform under Tickets -> Manage Tickets -> Reassign. Please note, that this has to be done before you claim your badge and wristband.

What are Side Events?

Originally a two-day event, Slush has become an entire week of relevant program around the Helsinki metropolitan area.

In addition to the main event and its activities organized by Slush, there is a wealth of industry and theme-specific gatherings around Helsinki and at the official Side Event venue et Siipi (same building as Slush) all adding up to the Slush experience.

Our Side Events are organized either in collaboration with our partners or by other ecosystem players.

Side Events for 2024 launched in the fall.

Will there be a security check at the event?

Yes, all attendees are subject to a security check at the entrance, where personal belongings may be searched for dangerous or prohibited items.

Is there luggage storage at the venue?

Yes. Larger bags and luggage are not permitted inside the event. There will be a place to leave luggage at both Slush Venue entrances, the Southern Entrance (Messuaukio 1), and the Northern Entrance (Ratapihantie 17). Your luggage will be safe with our professional cloakroom staff at all times.

Luggage area opening hours:
Wed, Nov 20 (Day 1): 8 am–6 pm
Thu, Nov 21 (Day 2): 8 am–2 am

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