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Browse the 13,000 people attending Slush 2024. Schedule meetings and make magic happen with our custom in-house-built Matchmaking Tool.

Who's coming to Slush?

5,500 startup founders and operators, and 3,300 investors. The Slush Matchmaking Tool displays everyone* coming to Slush 2024. Use filters to search for the right people to meet.

Filters include:

  • Country/region
  • Ticket type
  • Company type
  • Industry
  • Occupation
  • Day 0 Side Event participation

Or simply use keywords to look up the exact person you want to chat with.

Please note, that the information you’ve submitted in the application phase is visible to everyone using the Matchmaking Tool unless you opt-out. You can opt out of Matchmaking in the Slush Platform settings.

*who has opted in

Where to meet

Choose a location for the meeting when sending out a meeting request. Here are the options explained:

Meeting Area is a seated area inside the Slush venue specifically reserved for meetings. For each meeting in the Meeting Area, there’s a table reserved for the duration of the meeting (25 minutes). A table reservation is activated automatically after the meeting request is accepted. Once you arrive at the Meeting Area, volunteers will help you find your table.

1-on-1 Point is a spot inside the Slush Venue where you can easily find the person you are meeting with. The difference with Meeting Area is that there is no table reservation — it’s there to help you locate the person you are meeting with. Once you have found each other, the actual meeting can take place anywhere. If you struggle to locate the person you’re supposed to meet, we suggest using the chat to communicate. There are several different pillars with different coloring at the 1-on-1 point. It makes sense to stand next to one of those and send a message to the other party in the chat.

Choose yourself means you can send a meeting request without a specified location — book a time with someone and suggest a spot to meet at the Slush Venue yourself through the chat found in Matchmaking.

In addition, if the person you are meeting with is involved with a company that has an investor lounge or a booth, you can suggest the meeting there. Investor lounges share an entrance with the Meeting Area. Booths are located inside the venue.

If you (and the person you’re looking to meet) are attending Investor Day or Founders Day on Day 0 (Nov 19), they appear as locations in the tool.

Make yourself visible

Tips to get seen and discovered on the Matchmaking Tool:

  1. Add a profile photo and a short personal introduction.
  2. Add a company logo and an informative yet concise company description.
  3. Aim for a 100% profile completion score by updating your key metrics, and uploading a pitch deck.

The more information you have in your profile, the better your chances are of securing meetings with relevant stakeholders.

The Investor Tool

Investor Tool is an advanced filter view for investors. It presents Startup Company Profiles in a table format with all relevant company information from pitch decks to financials visible at a glance.

Advanced filters – you can search, filter, and sort based on +30 data points.

Saved views – you can save different filter views to return to them later and share them with others in your team.

Exporting data – export lists and data on companies from the platform.

Investor Tool is accessible to everyone with an Investor Pass to Slush.

New features

Startup analytics tell you how many views your profile and pitch deck gets over time. Startup analytics is available to everyone with a startup ticket.

Company notes are a new way for your team to coordinate your matchmaking efforts. You can leave a comment on any company’s profile visible to everyone on your team. If you tag a team member in the comment, they’ll be notified.

Mass-manage your meetings by selecting multiple meeting requests at once to accept, decline, or reassign. Trust us, this makes reaching inbox 0 that much easier.

Easily assign your meeting to someone else on your team if a meeting request goes to the wrong person.

Our meeting management view looks like an inbox. What’s more, you can filter your inbound requests.

Slush Contacts

Gather contacts information of the people you’ve met during Slush. After the event, you can export the contacts as a list. It’s available on both the platform and mobile app, but contacts can be added only via mobile — by scanning someone’s QR code.

To add a contact, you need to have the Slush app installed. You can download the app from the App Store or Play Store.

  1. Click the QR code icon on the top-right of the app screen.
  2. Click on the “Scan QR code” button below your own QR code.
  3. The app might ask for permission to use the camera. Press “Allow”.
  4. Point the camera to another user’s QR code.
  5. Congratulations, you’ve added your first contact!


Do I need to reserve a table separately from the meeting booking?

A table reservation for the Meeting Area activates automatically once the meeting request is accepted. There is no need to reserve a table separately. There is a chance that if the meeting request is not accepted for weeks, there are no more free tables left for that time slot. In this case, the Matchmaking Tool advises you to meet somewhere else.

What does the Choose Yourself location selection mean?

If you choose Choose Yourself as a location in the Matchmaking Tool, you can decide where to meet. You can use the chat to agree on a meeting spot.

How many people can come to the meeting at the Meeting Area?

Each table has four chairs, so two people from each party can join the meeting.

What do I do if I cannot find the person I have a meeting with?

Ask our volunteers wearing white crew shirts. They are helping out attendees both at the Meeting Area and the 1-on-1 point.

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