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Intimate and personalized advice directly from our speakers—live at Slush 2024.


At Slush, we help founders to build generational companies. One way for us to do this is through mentoring run by our speakers. By orchestrating highly curated Roundtables, Speaker Q&As, and Speaker Deep-dives throughout both event days, our speakers are able to offer intimate and personalized advice to our early-stage founders.

Registrations open on the Slush Platform in Oct.

Speaker Q&As

All Builders Stage speakers will host a Q&A session directly after their stage talk on the topic of their talk. This is your chance to ask follow-up questions or general advice from experienced founders and operators.

The sessions are open for Startup Pass holders. Due to limited capacity, we recommend signing up beforehand, but there will also be a first-come, first-served overflow queue to allow you to transition directly from the Builder Stage audience to the Q&A Session.

Speaker Deep-dives

These chamber sessions facilitate small group conversations led by Slush speakers. Each session revolves around a specific theme such as consumer AI, climate investing, or Web3.

The form of these sessions is open and conversational, and we encourage participants to ask questions from our speakers related to the theme of the session.

These sessions are open to all ticket-holders.


Roundtables are a form of peer-to-peer mentoring led by our Startup Stage speakers. Prepare to share your challenges with a group of peers, to give and receive advice from others, and to get inspiration from in-depth conversations.

Roundtables are open to Startup Pass holders.

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