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Did you know all roads lead to Helsinki? Click on the screen to find your way. Type "s" to save your image.

Helsinki — the epicenter of saunas and smoking hot investments. Click the artwork and type "s" to save your image.


Home to the next big thing:
sustainable investments

You want returns and sustainable growth? You’ve come to the right place. With an ecosystem that dares you to think big and a government committed to those searching for the next big thing, it’s no wonder investors are moving to Helsinki to invest.

Here in Helsinki, we make food out of thin air and capture carbon into concrete. We don’t just prepare for the future, we get our hands dirty to help shape it.

You can feel it in the air: all the way from the startup hubs to the futuristic libraries. Every part of Helsinki works together like a well-oiled machine toward one thing: sustainable innovation.

At this point, it’s only natural. If you’re looking to expand your operations or for investment opportunities, consider your search over: Helsinki Partners is here to help.

Visit to learn more about how to work with us.

Find out how it is to work and live in Helsinki: