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75-minute private sessions hosted by the top VCs for top founders

Day 1 & 2


75-minute exclusive events hosted by the top VCs and targeted at founders. Investor Office Hours offer a chance to host private sessions for 70 founders at the heart of the Slush venue during days 1 and 2.

Investor Office Hours venues are designed for seamless networking and include a stage and monitors for the stage program. In addition, the concept offers a chance to provide catering and beverages for the sessions.

Last year’s sessions included off-the-record discussions after stage talks, panel discussions, Q&As, fireside chats, presentations, and ask-me-anything sessions. All Investor Office Hours sessions will be promoted by Slush on and the Slush Platform.

Reach out to [email protected] if you’re interested in hosting an Investor Office Hours session.


Where will Investor Office Hours take place?

The Investor Office Hour session will take place at the main event inside the dedicated private venue.

Why can't everyone join the sessions?

The session program is tailored for specific audiences, and due to the sessions being held at a private venue, there is a maximum limit on the number of guests who can be invited.

How can I join the sessions?

Among the sessions, there are those that operate on an invitation basis, while others welcome open applications for participation.

You can submit your application to participate in sessions that feature the green “Apply to join the session” button. The audience is carefully selected from among the applicants, and those selected will receive email notifications.

I got invited to a session but can't come.

If you receive an invitation but are unable to attend the session, kindly reach out to [email protected]. This will allow us to offer the spot to someone eager to participate.

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