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Come and listen to 5 groundbreaking announcements, and find your next article topic.

Founder Stage, Nov 30–Dec 1

European Midas List

Forbes creates every year a list based on exhaustive research of the best investors in the world. It is known as the Midas List. This time, Iain will join us onstage to announce the top investors in Europe, and you’ll be able to find many of them at Slush.

Day 1, Nov 30 at 12.38 pm on Founder Stage

Iain Martin, Europe News Editor

Tom Wehmeier, Partner

State of European Tech Report

Tom Wehmeir presents Atomico’s annual State of European Tech Report, with all the findings from 2023.


Doublepoint is a Finnish startup working on wrist-based gesture detection. They will be launching an entirely new input paradigm at Slush 2023.

Day 1, Nov 30 at 4.21 pm on Founder Stage

Ohto Pentikäinen, Co-founder and CEO

Thomas Joseph, VP of Product (Ex-Meta)

Conor Russomanno, Founder and CEO


OpenBCI has been a worldwide leader in low-cost neurotechnology hardware and software for over a decade. This year at Slush, Conor will be revealing the state of the art of the Galea product, as well as details on OpenBCIs plan to build a new operating system of the mind, incorporating BCI, spatial computing, and AI.

Day 2, Dec 1, at 1.14pm on Founder Stage

Stealth Startup

Founded by 5 senior games and media industry veterans in 2023, Stealth startup which will be launched out of Stealth at Slush 2023 is blending, bending, and extending reality as we know it, making Spatial XR AI-assisted web creation, experiences, and VIRL (virtual IRL) with others incredibly easy. The new era of human connection is here. What do old Nokia phones, hydraulic press, and holograms have to do with it?

Day 2, Dec 1 at 2.52pm on Founder Stage

Hanna Toivonen, Co-founder and CEO

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