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This is a letter to the Slush community from Aino Bergius and Elin Dölker, CEO and President at Slush. 

Dear friends of Slush,

As we gear up for another edition of our event, our ecosystem is finding itself at a crossroads.

Startups are facing a double challenge of limited funding and an unpredictable economic climate, while simultaneously developing groundbreaking technologies at record speed. By the time we all meet up in Helsinki this November for Slush 2024, who knows what we’ll have to talk about. Captivating, isn’t it?

Though change is inevitable, positive transformation demands creativity, commitment, and, above all, the will to take action. Further, we know that action is catalyzed by collisions. We humans have an inherent desire for collision and unity—a need for alliance. This, we believe, is what is needed to ultimately set the world in motion.

Therefore, this year, we’re inviting a record-breaking number of startups and investors to Slush, making it the most concentrated gathering of innovation and venture capital on the planet. We are working tirelessly to build an event for you that is highly curated and focused only on that which matters to us most: creating founders and enabling existing ones to pursue rapid growth with purpose.

Why? Because, each one of us has the potential to transform the future as we know it, and the next world-changing idea will not be born out of what already exists. Slush 2024 aims to unlock that potential and that, if anything, gets us thrilled about what’s to come.

If this gets you excited, we welcome you to join us for the beginning of a metamorphosis, one both individual and societal, both necessary and widespread.

See you in November,

Aino & Elin
CEO & President at Slush

Tickets to Slush 2024 are now available.