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Laura Roca
Head of Media and PR

3 Reasons Why You Should Join Slush as a Journalist

Year after year, journalists, opinion leaders, podcasters, and writers come to Slush(y) Helsinki in November to find the best startups and write their next hit piece. If you’ve come before, you know exactly what we’re talking about–we can’t wait to see you again!

If this is your first time, we have 3 reasons why you should join us this year.

Discover stories worth telling

Slush is the most founder-focused event on earth, bringing over 5,000 international startup founders and operators to Helsinki. From pre-seed to series B and beyond, founders come to Slush to launch new products, meet investors, partners, and media, and get visibility. Coming as a journalist, content creator or podcaster allows you to hear about cutting-edge innovations before it’s released, ask all the questions you have directly to the founders, and break the news before anyone else.

Here’s how we’ll help you find what’s newsworthy:

Stage Announcements: Get ready for 5 unique highlight announcements in the form of product/feature/research launches on the Founder Stage during Slush 2023. Come and listen to groundbreaking news and research results, and find your next article topic.

Press Q&A’s: Every announcement raises questions from journalists, so this year, we’re giving you the space to ask them ad-hoc right in the heart of our access-controlled Media Area.

Media Bank: No launch should get lost at Slush, and that’s why we’ve created a resource bank that features company profiles and all the information you’ll need to create your next hit piece successfully. From the latest announcements to the media kit and contact details, everything will be found in our Media Bank, built in-house and tailored to your needs.


Slush is THE hotspot for emerging trends in the tech and startup landscape. By coming to Slush, you get to find out about the development of new technologies and research results for the next year.

Here’s the best place for you to find the upcoming trends:

Media Day (Nov 29): Media Day is an event for media representatives only, an exclusive sneak peek into the stage program at Slush. This is where you’ll have the chance to hear about the future trends of technology and discussions on current pressing matters among high-profile speakers, before anyone else.

Everyone is here

Whether you want to interview that high-profile speaker you’ve been chasing for weeks or the upcoming founder who will make it big with a groundbreaking idea, Slush is the right place for you. Thousands of founders, operators, and investors come to Slush for two days to do exactly that: meet other ecosystem key players.


Convinced yet? Apply for a media pass here.

For more information, feel free to visit our website or send your questions our way to [email protected]