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While capital is key to turn ideas into reality, founders need paying customers to endure over the long haul. That’s why we partner with 27pilots, a Main Partnership now in its third year running, to bring the Venture Client Track to founders at Slush 2023.

Being able to solve critical needs of their clients is the ultimate success factor of any startup.

Eerika SavolainenSlush CEO

Slush 2023 will again be the biggest gathering of Venture Capital in the world with 3 Trillion Euros in assets under management. However, resilient companies built to last can’t only rely on equity funding. The Venture Client Model, pioneered by 27pilots’ founder Gregor Gimmy at BMW in 2015, embodies a radical departure from traditional corporate innovation, positioning corporates as strategic customers of startups. 27pilot’s approach helps us connect founders with key corporate clients to build market-ready products.

“We have pioneered the Venture Client Track – a specific area at Slush where startups can forge meaningful connections with those corporations that venture to adopt their technologies first. We are happy to present the third edition of the Venture Client Track at Slush 2023, together with our partner 27pilots.” Eerika, Slush CEO

As the Founder & CEO of 27pilots Gregor Gimmy puts it, we’re planning to take the Venture Track Client one step further – third time’s the charm:

Our vision is to create a global network that redefines how corporations engage with the global startup ecosystem to gain competitive advantage. Slush is the perfect stage for this message.

Gregor GimmyFounder & CEO of 27pilots

Corporate Venturing at the Heart of Slush

27pilots will be setting up a Partner Booth at Slush, an interactive space where top startups and potential business partners can meet and discuss potential partnerships. The aim is to also foster cross-industry networking and meaningful exchanges among corporate innovators. Reverse Pitching Sessions turn the tables to corporates to pitch their unique needs to startups.

Moreover, this track comprises a lineup of engaging awareness sessions. These sessions are tailored to bridge the knowledge gap for both startup founders and corporates:

  • How to work together with corporates
  • The role of corporate partners in the scaling process
  • How to shape corporates to be better clients for startups

How to Get Involved

  • Founders: Meeting requests with attending Venture Client companies
  • Corporates: Access to a curated list of startups fulfilling the basic Venture Client requirements
  • Virtual Venture Client Track → visit here
  • For additional questions, contact Sylvia Paersch, Lead Startup Culture, PR & Marketing @27pilots: [email protected]