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We’re happy to announce that we’ve chosen Supercritical as our carbon removal partner. Supercritical vets high-quality carbon removal in their marketplace, so we knew we could trust the quality of the offsets we purchased. Not to mention, Supercritical supports early-stage carbon removal startups, making this collaboration a no-brainer.

Tech innovation isn't just about the next big thing. It's about advancing and securing our future. Supercritical is helping Slush carve a path to a net zero future by offsetting all carbon emissions with their vetted carbon removals. If tech leads in carbon offsetting, imagine the domino effect we could create

EerikaCEO of Slush

Supercritical is also playing a big role in helping tech startups do their part to get to net zero. Here’s why founders should care:

  • More and more VCs are auditing their portfolios’ ESG efforts.
  • Employees and customers are demanding climate action.
  • Tech emits more CO2 than the aviation sector (source)

We have a responsibility to set a good example. Supercritical helps startups like Tide, Multiverse, and Veriff measure their emissions, plan for reductions, report on their progress, and access permanent carbon removal – the only type of offset that counts towards net zero.

Leading by example, we also want to spread the word amongst our community that measuring and taking responsibility for our carbon emissions does not have to be an onerous exercise. Since it’s easier to set good habits early rather than change your behaviour when you’re much larger, we think all startups have a responsibility to at least measure their emissions and keep an eye on their biggest sources.

Supercritical is thrilled that Slush is doing its part to support permanent carbon removal in its offsetting portfolio, and is impressed by Slush’s incredibly high bar for climate action. In addition to the emissions related to running the conference, Slush offsets the emissions on behalf of all the attendees who fly there from all over the world. Supercritical is proud to partner with us to set an example for events globally and for the businesses attending Slush.

It’s a privilege to work with an ambitious partner like Slush who is setting a high bar for events everywhere. By compensating for both the event and attendee’s emissions with carbon removal, they’re setting a global standard for what a truly sustainable event should look like.

MichelleCEO of Supercritical

Supercritical is enabling Slush to access high quality, durable carbon removal offsets for its compensation portfolio. Supercritical has years of expertise vetting innovative carbon removal technologies, methods like biochar, enhanced rock weathering, ocean alkalinization, biomass burial, and direct air capture. If you’re interested in all the science behind it (we know we are), hop over to Supercritical’s website and read all about it. 

You have the opportunity to actively contribute by offsetting the emissions associated with your travel and attendance. When purchasing a ticket, you have the opportunity to support our cause and compensate for your participation through our platform. If you have already purchased your ticket, you can still make a contribution through this link or the button below to compensate for your attendance.

Compensate for your attendance here