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Given the technological advances of the 2020s, there is no denying the importance and accelerated development of health tech. We’re proud to introduce one of our longstanding Main Partners, AstraZeneca, and share more about how the company contributes to this life-changing industry through its A.Catalyst Network.

At Slush, we want to see a future in which companies focus their efforts on tackling problems that matter, and do that with the ambition to change the world beyond recognition.

Eerika SavolainenCEO of Slush

A.Catalyst Network is a dynamic healthcare network made up of solutioners and partnerships from a range of countries, industries, and disciplines. It was created by AstraZeneca, providing the network with a deep and unparalleled insight into the challenges associated with healthcare. Groundbreaking healthcare solutions require collaboration, so to transform the future of healthcare, A.Catalyst Network continuously seeks out new partnerships.

Slush is so much more than a networking event. It’s about making genuine connections with innovators, and looking to see how we can build something real together that benefits patients.

Magnus BjörsneA.Catalyst Network / BioVenture Innovation Unit Lead

Igniting innovation across traditional boundaries

Enabled by A.Catalyst Network, innovators, entrepreneurs, and organizations who share our goals of equitable, affordable, and accessible health can meet and connect at Slush 2023. Put simply, the network provides its partners with:

  1. Industry expertise to help navigate the regulatory and commercial pathways of different countries
  2. New pathways to scale and accelerate solutions via a global network
  3. Access to mentoring support

Partnering with A.Catalyst Network can be the difference maker, the catalyst, that elevates a solution to a new level and helps it to realize its potential.

Magnus BjörsneA.Catalyst Network / BioVenture Innovation Unit Lead

The team at A.Catalyst Network shares our view of building together. Past years at Slush have left the team inspired by some of the brightest, freshest thinkers out there today. As a committed ecosystem builder, the expansion of the AZ Exchange mentoring program in Finland was announced at Slush 2022. The program has been a great success in multiple countries across the world, including the USA, UK, Sweden, and Australia, giving local startups and incubators access to AstraZeneca’s global network of experienced mentors.

We need society at large to work together for the betterment of us all. We’re thrilled to continue partnering with A. Catalyst Network to help healthcare founders change the world.

Eerika SavolainenCEO of Slush

Call for healthcare change makers

The A.Catalyst Network is looking for partners who can find new ways to detect diseases earlier, improve equitable access to healthcare, or develop digital solutions to reduce the carbon emissions of healthcare.

Could your solution be the next big thing to break through and make a difference in healthcare? Visit the AstraZeneca-A.Catalyst Network booth at Slush 2023.