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The Slush Matchmaking Tool gives you access to the most extensive, self-submitted dataset on early-stage startups there is. This year, we’ve made it easier than ever for you to discover the best European startups to meet. Here’s what you need to know about the Matchmaking Tool in 2023 as an investor.

Investor Tool – an advanced filter view designed specifically for investors.

Investor Tool presents matchmaking data in a table format. All relevant company information from pitch decks to financials is visible at a glance.

  • Advanced filters – you can search, filter, and sort based on +30 data points.
  • Saved views – you can save different filter views to return to them later and share them with others in your team.
  • Exporting data – export different lists and data on companies from the platform.

We’ve started building the Investor Tool only this year with the intention to create a year-round startup-discovery tool for investors to find the best startups across Nordics. What you see now is a beta of that, so your feedback is valuable to us. Try it out and let us know what you think!

Improved meeting management system.

It is easier than ever for you to handle your inbound requests and collaborate internally with your team. Here are the new features we’ve built.

  • New meeting management view that looks like an email inbox you’re used to.
  • Assign meeting requests – if a meeting request goes to the wrong person in your team, you can easily assign it to a different colleague.
  • Mass meeting management commands such as assign all and decline all – makes reaching inbox 0 that much easier!
  • Company notes are a new way for your team to coordinate your matchmaking efforts. You can leave a comment on any company’s profile that is visible to everyone on your own team.

If you get a meeting request and can’t take the meeting, please take the time to decline or assign the request. Otherwise, meeting requests accumulate in people’s inboxes and create bottlenecks in matchmaking.

Guaranteed meeting table.

By using the Matchmaking Tool to schedule your meeting in the Meeting Area, you are guaranteed a proper meeting table for the duration of your meeting.

  • Meeting Area is a seated area inside the Slush venue specifically reserved for taking meetings. For each meeting in the Meeting Area, there’s a table reserved for the duration of the meeting (25 minutes).

In addition to the Meeting Area, the tool has several different options that you can choose from.

  • 1-on-1 Point is a spot inside the Slush Venue where you can easily find the person you are meeting with. The difference to Meeting Area is that there is no table reservation – it’s there to help you locate the person you are meeting with. Once you have found each other, the actual meeting can take place anywhere.
  • Choose yourself means you can send a meeting request without a specified location – book a time with someone and suggest a spot to meet at the Slush Venue yourself through the chat found in Matchmaking.
  • In addition, if you or the person you are meeting with is involved with a company that has an investor lounge or a booth, you can suggest the meeting there.
  • If you (and the person you’re looking to meet) are attending Investor Day, it will appear as a location in the tool. By scheduling the bulk of your investor meetings for Day 0 (Nov 29), you’ll have more time to meet startups during the two event days.


If your or your teammates’ tickets are unassigned, you can’t use the Matchmaking Tool. Quickly assign your tickets before starting to use the tool and you’re all set.