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Niina Niskanen,

Startup Operations at Slush


The story of Nordic Showcase goes way back.

When Slush was first brought to life in 2008, the purpose was to give the ecosystem in the cold North a boost. Today, 15 years and 14 events later, we stay true to that mission.

Nordic Showcase is our way of giving the spotlight to those early-stage startups that we believe to be the next Nordic unicorns. To do this, the Slush team has been studying their crystal ball, and now we’re finally ready to share our predictions with you.

Have a hard time believing us? You don’t have to just take our word for it, the track record speaks for itself. In past years, Nordic Showcase has featured startups such as Bolt, Veriff, and Kahoot! And guess what these companies have in common today? They’re all unicorns.

This year, we’re betting our money on these 10 Nordic startups:


Consigli has developed the Autonomous Engineer, that uses generative AI, advanced mathematics and domain knowledge to reduce risk, cost and carbon in development projects. Our software reduces cost, use of material and embodied carbon as well as carbon footprint in operation.

Janne Aas-Jakobsen, Founder and CEO of CONSIGLI

Peter Schack, Co-founder and CEO of EIVEE


EIVEE delivers a full carbon solution with unbeatable precision across scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions. We’re a unique blend of human and machine offering a one-stop access to fully compliant carbon reporting. We do all the heavy lifting calculations, so companies can spend time on setting targets and achieving real reductions towards net-zero emissions.


Grünfin is a sustainable investing platform for those who care about the sustainable development of the planet. It offers smart and easy investing options so that you can earn market-based returns while contributing to a more sustainable future. With Grünfin, you can make a real difference on the planet while reaching your financial goals.

Karin Nemec, Founder of Grünfin

Taavi Kotka, Founder and CEO of offers virtual share technology and expertise to help companies build loyal and engaged communities for a fairer world. We assist companies in creating and implementing community strategies to reduce marketing costs by cultivating a dedicated group of supporters. To sustain the engagement, we help companies reward their members with virtual shares based on their contributions to the company’s growth. These virtual shares have potentially a higher value than instant cash or other traditional bonuses and allow virtual shareholders to participate in the company’s financial success, but only when the predefined goals have been achieved together. Win-win.


Medoma is a European high-acuity virtual ward company that offers patients acute hospital care in their homes instead of in the hospital. The care is conducted with a combination of physical visits from medical staff as well as digital consultations, coordinated through a technological platform monitoring vital parameters, as well as optimize “care-out-of-home” logistics.

Johan Nordenström, Co-founder and CEO of Medoma

Mari Granström, Founder and CEO of Origin by Ocean

Origin by Ocean

Origin by Ocean rids the oceans of harmful algae and turns it into everyday goods.

Marine life is suffocating from eutrophied dead zones from runaway invasive algae growth. We discovered that with the right process, we can remove marine overgrowth and transform it into ecological, healthy, and oil-free ingredients for everyday consumer products. Every product would ease the chokehold of eutrophication. Our platform would empower people who love the ocean to harvest their eutrophied shores and turn them into sustainable income.

Origin by Ocean is our way of washing the oceans. Benefiting biodiversity, breadwinners, and bottom lines in the process.


Paebbl locks CO2 away from the atmosphere while putting it to good use. By accelerating the geological process of CO2 turning into stable rock by a factor of 10,000,000, Paebbl’s proprietary technology turns captured CO2 into a substitute for cement. This way, permanent CO2 sequestration turns into a solution for decarbonizing one of the most polluting industries on Earth. Powered by an experienced team and building on 20 years of academic research in accelerating CO2 mineralization, Paebbl is now scaling up this essential climate solution.

Andreas Saari, Co-founder and Co-CEO of Paebbl

Juha Riippi, Co-founder and CEO of Quanscient


Quanscient is building multiphysics simulations using cloud & quantum computing. Quanscient’s cloud-based simulation platform, Quanscient Allsolve, uses advanced distributed computing to provide speed, scale, and the best multiphysics coupling features for companies developing advanced products such as MEMS devices, electric motors, and other high-tech products. Quanscient’s quantum algorithms promise to provide exponential speedups to multiphysics simulations in the next few years. Quanscient’s vision is to provide the most advanced multiphysics simulation platform by combining quantum algorithms with their current cloud-based platform.

Spoor AI

Spoor is a fast-growing software company on a mission to enable industry and nature to coexist. We use our proprietary AI and computer vision system to aid wind farm operators and developers in monitoring bird activity in onshore and offshore wind farms.

Ask Helseth, Co-founder and CEO of Spoor AI

Søren Halskov Nissen, Co-founder and CEO of Yaak Technologies

Yaak Technologies

Yaak is becoming the first company that can help accelerate autonomous safety validation and help certify autonomous vehicles, on a global scale.

By building the first global network of local driving experts (driving instructors) and developing a proprietary Generative Safety AI, Yaak is becoming the first company that maps expert preference on a global scale, and working on the first certifiable safety benchmark. Aligned with local experts’ preferences, SafetyAI generalizes across environments and can measure the level of safety, detect driving mistakes, and recommend safer alternatives.

Yaak’s expert network is becoming the cloud infrastructure for safety validation and SafetyAI will become the co-pilot integrated across the development tool chain.

Want to make sure you don’t miss these startups at Slush? Keep your eyes peeled. The agenda will be published soon.