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Since 2014, Slush has partnered with the University of Helsinki through its technology transfer company Helsinki Innovation Services Ltd. This year brings the newest collection of science-based innovations to Slush.

Why Slush partners up with the University of Helsinki

The University of Helsinki and Helsinki Innovation Services consistently bring the highest quality of research-based startups to Slush and are the cornerstone of Science-based innovations at Slush. Every year, Helsinki University brings its wealth of experts, researchers, and frontier technologies from areas that produce a better future for us: medical innovations, new foods, and renewable solutions.

This partnership excites us every year because we have proof that it works. Spinout success stories such as GlucoModicum Oy, NanoForm Oyj, and VALO Oy Therapeutics demonstrate Helsinki Innovation Service’s strengths in commercializing cutting-edge science from top-class researchers.

Science continuously pushes the boundaries of what is possible, instilling trust for a better future. We are thrilled to have the University of Helsinki and Helsinki Innovation Services partnering with Slush already for the 9th time” says CEO of Slush Eerika Savolainen.

Why is the University of Helsinki at Slush?

The innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem of the University of Helsinki is growing rapidly, becoming central to the University of Helsinki’s activities. Helsinki Innovation Services acts as a commercializer and developer of the University’s interdisciplinary and cutting-edge research innovations: the water and sunlight to the researcher’s seeds.

The University of Helsinki’s own investments in innovation, entrepreneurship, and business collaboration have yielded concrete results, with its themed incubator projects launching 17 startups in 2022 alone. The University of Helsinki sees taking an even more significant role in promoting Finland’s RDI activities in the upcoming years. Time and again, Slush has proven to be one of the best tools for this purpose.

At Slush, research innovations are prominently and versatilely displayed, from new commercialisation projects to incubator operations and spinout companies. The aim is to build bridges, match new investors with university spinouts and the vast menu of commercialization projects, and to meet new stakeholders interested in pushing society forward.

Showcasing future tech solutions

Researchers envisioning their discoveries being applied in such a way that benefits the whole society is at the heart of all technology transfer activities at Slush. Therefore, at Slush, Helsinki Innovation Services accelerates inventions such as:

  • ReLIGHT is developing green energy by using a new hydrogen technology that reduces the need to use precious metals in hydrogen production. The idea is that plasmonic catalysis will enable the production of green hydrogen directly from sunlight.
  • NAPA are building a new monitoring instrument that measures ultrafine particles (UFP) from indoor or outdoor air. The instrument allows accurate monitoring of the UFP concentrations while complying with the technical standards set for UFP measurements saving on additional production or maintenance costs:

Slush 2023 theme is Building to Last. Together with the University of Helsinki we bring science-based commercial potential innovations and support the growth of these promising cases we believe have the ability to withstand challenges, create something sustainable, and continue their way towards a hopeful tomorrow. We offer new experiences and learnings to both, the world of entrepreneurship and the teams alike”, says the Interim CEO of Helsinki Innovation Services Ltd Kajsa Kajander.

This year, Helsinki Innovation Services join forces with Y Science, a Slush Official Side Event focusing on life sciences, discussing current deep tech and business topics, and offering startups a stage on which to compete in different technology categories. The best and brightest Business Finland-funded innovation projects from the University of Helsinki will take the stage at the event to pitch and meet prospective partners.